Radical America - Volume 9, Numbers 4-5
American Labor in the 1940s

Publisher:  Radical America, Cambridge, USA
Year Published:  1975  
Pages:  216pp  
Inactive Serial

Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX16210

A special double issue of Radical America devoted to the history of workers' struggles during the Second World War and the early years of the Cold War.


Table of Contents:

1. Fighting on Two Fronts: Working-Class Militancy in the 1940's
2. Defending the No-Strike Pledge: CIO Politics During World War II
3. Wildcat! The Wartime Strike Wave in Auto
4. Rosie the Riveter: Myths and Realities
5. Working Woman and the War: Four Narratives
6. American Labour on the Defensive: A 1940's Odyssey
7. The End of Corporate Liberalism: Class Struggle in the Electrical Manufacturing Industry, 1933-1950
8. Working-Class History in the 1940's: A Bibliographical Essay
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