Press for Conversion #43
December 2000
Date Written:  2000-12-01
Publisher:  Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade
Year Published:  2000
Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX16153

This issue summarises three dozen examples of the Central Intelligence Agency's covert efforts to overthrow and undermine democratic governments around the world since WWII. The case studies examine the CIA's early support for German fascists and describe many "dirty tricks" that they used to subvert governments in countries such as:
Afghanistan, Albania, Australia, Angola, Chile, Colombia, Congo, El Salvador, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Indonesia, Italy, Iraq, Iran, Nicaragua, Panama and Vietnam.
Also included is a well-documented example from Canada. In 1963, the CIA played a role in "knocking over" the Progressive Conservative government of John Diefenbaker. Dief was successfully ousted thanks largely to a joint effort by officials of the US State Department, the CIA, the US Ambassador, top brass within the Canadian and US militaries, and our corporate media. The US pushed this "regime change" because Dief refused to allow US nuclear weapons to be based in Canada. Within months of Pearson's Liberals coming to power, they allowed the deployment of US Bomark nuclear missiles in BC and Quebec.

Subject Headings

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