Gaza Calling

Awwad, Nahed (Director)
Year Published:  2013
Resource Type:  Film/Video
Cx Number:  CX16076

For over six years, two Palestinian families are split between the West Bank and Gaza; mothers and sons are forbidden from travelling the one-hour road that separates them. Witness the personal cost of Israel's illegal occupation.

Samer lives in Ramallah in the West Bank. His family lives in Gaza, one hour away. They have not seen each other for six years.

When Mustafa went for a visit to Gaza in 2006, he was 18 years old. He was never allowed to return – his mother Hekmat has been fighting to see him again for seven years.

Two families torn apart. They share the same "crime": being registered with a Gaza address in their Identity Cards. Under Israeli rule, they are considered "infiltrators" in their own country. Their lives have turned into a permanent struggle. Parents can only talk to their sons on the phone; sisters can only see their brothers on the internet -- mothers and their children fighting to be together at last…

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