Wages for Housework Video Tape

Publisher:  Toronto Wages for housework Committee, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1976
Price:  $200.00   Resource Type:  Film/Video
Cx Number:  CX160

A video record of the development of the wages for housework debate.

The debate on whether women should be paid for housework exploded in 1971. Since that time the perspective of Wages for Housework has been debated and extensively discussed. The following video tapes record the development of this current within the women's movement. (1) A basic introduction to the perspective of Wages for Housework, the analysis of women as unwaged workers, wagelessness as the source of powerlessness. Taped April 1973 at the University of Toronto, 45 min. (2) Opening speech to the Montreal Feminist Symposium introducing the Wages for Housework perspective to an audience of 800 women. Birth of the Wages for Housework Campaign in Canada. June 1973. 45 min. (3) "Women Speak Out". May Day Rally, Toronto, 1975. Women speak from their different situations, welfare mother, full-time housewife, lesbian, office worker, about why they want Wages for Housework. Songs and music. 30 min. (4) "May Day '76: Hands Off the Family Allowance", Toronto. A "mobile rally" which stopped at three locations including an immigrant shopping centre and a government housing project. This programme shows excerpts from the speeches, songs, puppet show and "roving microphone". The theme of the rally this year was the protest against the freeze in the Family Allowance and the Campaign for Wages for Housework for all women. 30 min.

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