The Watchers
The Rise of America's Surveillance State

Harris, Shane
Publisher:  Penguin, London, UK
Year Published:  2010
Pages:  432pp   ISBN:  9781101195741
Library of Congress Number:  HV6432.H378 2011   Dewey:  363.325/1630973
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX15999

An exploration of how and why the American government increasingly spies on its own citizens.

Given recent terrorist events in the U.S. and the document leaks by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, The Watchers is more timely than ever, drawing on access to political and operational insiders to create a brilliant exposé of why and how the American government spies on its own citizens. Born in the wake of the 1983 massacre of 241 Marines in Beirut, the domestic surveillance program introduced by Ronald Reagan's national security advisor, John Poindexter, to coordinate intelligence on terrorists has claimed billions of government dollars. Despite the cost, it has failed in its mission to identify new threats. But as Harris shows, it has provided the government with a tool for the electronic surveillance of Americans that has ushered in an age of constitutionally questionable intrusion into the lives of every citizen.

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