The War on Science
Muzzled Scientists and Wilful Blindness in Stephen Harper's Canada

Turner, Chris
Publisher:  Greystone Books
Year Published:  2013
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX15606

Do No Science, Hear No Science, Speak No Science -- that is the Harper agenda. And if this agenda is most evident and most pronounced in environmental science, that's simply because it is the field most likely to uncover evidence that the government's paramount goal -- to free the country's resource extraction industries from oversight in the name of rapid expansion -- is wrongheaded, reckless, and damaging.



Harper's Canada is a country, alone among the democratic nations, that bars its scientists from discussing their work in public and sends spin doctors to ensure that message discipline trumps scientific fact even at academic conferences. it is a country where environmental advocacy is foreign and dissenting opinion treated as treasonous, a country where scientists march in the streets to reassert the primacy of the scientific method and doctors need to disrupt press conferences if expert analysis is to be hard is discussions of health care policy.

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