H.K. Yuen Social Movement Archive

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Cx Number:  CX15285

The H.K. Yuen collection is a unique archive of primary materials on social movements of the 1960s and 1970s. The collection includes materials on a wide range of movements internationally, with a focus on Berkeley, Oakland, and the San Francisco Bay Area. The collection features multimedia primary documents from the Free Speech Movement, the Third World College mobilizations, the United Farm Workers, the student strike at San Francisco State University, the Black Panther Party, the American Indian Movement, the International Hotel Mobilizations, Stop the Draft Week, the Women’s Movement, and many more. The collection contains a wide range of media including organization flyers, underground newspapers, photos, posters, and film. But the most extensive and unique aspect of the collection is more than 30,000 hours of audio content. Utilizing some of the earliest reel-to-reel recording technology publicly available, H.K. Yuen documented countless rallies, protests, debates, and meetings. In addition to personal recordings, he also recorded relevant shows off of the Pacifica network and community radio, including documentaries, interviews, and live broadcasts from events for 20 years without missing a single day. Most of this content is unique and not preserved elsewhere.

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