US: Offensive Cyber-Warfare is Illegal... Unless We Do It

Glaser, John
Date Written:  2013-08-29
Year Published:  2013
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX15029

The US government declares that cyberwarfare directed against the US would be an act of war -- and, oh, by the way, that it is agressively engaged in cyberwarfare against foreign countries.

It is official U.S. policy that offensive cyberwarfare is subject to international laws of war and, if perpetrated against the United States, may trigger a military response.

The Washington Post reported last year: “Cyberattacks can amount to armed attacks triggering the right of self-defense and are subject to international laws of war, the State Department’s top lawyer said Tuesday.”

In other news…

“The CIA and the NSA have begun aggressive new efforts to hack into foreign computer networks to steal information or sabotage enemy systems, embracing what the budget refers to as ‘offensive cyber operations,’” reports the Washington Post this week, based on documents they received from Edward Snowden.

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