Enlightening Disillusionments

Orr, Aki
Year Published:  2011
Pages:  159pp   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX15007

Memoirs of an Israeli whom the Zionist dispossession and oppression of the Palestinians turned into a humanist and therefore anti-Zionist.


Table of Contents


1. Enlightening disillusionment (stage 1)
2. More enlightening disillusionment (stage 2)
3. Medals for war resisters
4. Peace, peace, yet there is no peace
5. A moth in a black Hole
6. A nuclear war resister
7. The same children
8. To forgive - or not ?
9. One word against one's conscience
10. A difficult choice
11. Wonders of the C.I.A.
12. A nice hot cup of tea
13. Nello is still here
14. Beware of "Ultimate Truth"
15. Ruler of the flickering shadows
16. Can an airplane be a musical instrument?
17. The loneliness of Elinor Rigby
18. Lord Caradon
19. A Brutal Revolution
20. Sinai
21. Sheikh Ali
22. The smallest child
23. Hava Nagila or Hava Shatila
24. Slovo
25. Reply to Ra'anan
26. Suicide?

Subject Headings

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