Sandino's Daughters
Testimonies of Nicaraguan Women in Struggle

Randall, Margaret; Yanz, Lynda (ed.)
Publisher:  New Star Books, Vancouver, Canada
Date Written:  01/01/1981
Year Published:  19981   First Published:  1981
Pages:  220pp   ISBN:  0-919888-33-X
Library of Congress Number:  HQ1487.R35   Dewey:  305.4'097285
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX14725

Interviews with women who fought in the Nicaraguan revolution.


Table of Contents



One: From AMPRONAC To The Women's Association
Two: The Commanders
Three: Amanda Pineda
Four: Daisy Zamora
Five: Nora Astorga - One March 8
Six: The Women in Olive Green
Seven: Sister Martha - Women of Hope
Eight: Gladys Baez
Nine: Mothers and Daughters
Ten: Profound Changes

Subject Headings

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