Drug War-Related Homicides In The US Average At Least 1,100 a Year
Full Extent of Carnage Unknowable Because US Government Doesn't Track Violent Crime Linked To The War On Drugs

Conroy, Bill
Date Written:  2012-03-10
Publisher:  Narcosphere
Year Published:  2012
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX14219

The stubborn resistance against entertaining any other options beyond a fundamentalist adherence to prohibition for dealing with drug use in the United States is cloaked in an arrogant denial of the human costs of the drug war and the possibility that ending it would lead to less, not more, death. The US, by some estimates now spends about $40 billion a year at home and abroad waging its war on drugs and has imprisoned currently up to 400,000 people on drug-related charges — the vast majority of them nonviolent offenders.

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