The Unknown Slave Rebellion
Against The Current vol. 156

Morrison, Derrick
Date Written:  2012-01-01
Publisher:  Against The Current
Year Published:  2012
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX14116

Though the planters had no difficulty reconciling the wealth they enjoyed and the price the slaves paid, the region’s black laborers did. By aborting their own children, poisoning livestock, lighting fires, and escaping to the cypress swamps, the slaves struggled to dilute, deflect, and if possible demolish slaveholders’ authority. Even open revolt was not beyond question. While it was a card that slaves played only rarely — planters tended to take a dim and deadly view of armed rebellion — the German Coast teemed with violent possibilities. The planters’ world rested on a powder keg to be ignited by the smallest of sparks.

Subject Headings

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