The Socialist Register 1972
Volume 9: A Survey of Movements & Ideas

Miliband, Ralph; Saville, John (eds.)
Publisher:  The Merlin Press
Year Published:  1972
Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX12723


Table of Contents

Socialist Register 1972 Preface -Ralph Miliband, John Saville
Gramsci and Marxism -V. G. Kiernan
Ideology and Social Science -Istvan Meszaros
Liberal Values and Socialist Values -Anthony Arblaster
The Radicalisation of Science -Hilary Rose, Steven Rose
Rent Strikes - Direct Action and the Working Class -Bert Moorhouse, Mary Wilson, Chris Chamberlain
Contradictions and Struggles in Northern Ireland -Ander Boserup
Frantz Fanon and the "Lumpenproletariat" -Peter Worsley
Class in Africa : Analytical Problems and Perspectives -Robin Cohen
South Africa: The Violent Alternative -Ben Turok
Why China "Turned West" -Robin Peck

Subject Headings

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