Nearly $2 Trillion Purloined from U.S. Workers in 2009

Cypher, James M.
Date Written:  2011-07-01
Publisher:  Dollars & Sense, USA
Year Published:  2011
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX12714

The upward redistribution has remained as hidden as possible. The forms it has taken—as bonuses, bloated salaries, elephantine stock options, padded consulting fees, outsized compensation to boards of directors, sumptuous conferences, palatial offices complete with original artwork, retinues of superfluous “support” staff, hunting lodges, private corporate dining rooms, regal retirement agreements, and so on—defy exact categorization. Some would appear as profit, some as interest, some as dividends, realized capital gains, gigantic pension programs, retained earnings, or owners’ income, with the remainder deeply buried as “costs of doing business.”

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