What Ford did to the Ramapough Mountain Indians
Ford, the feds, the mob: Making a wasteland

Barry, Jan; Layton, Mary Jo; Nussbaum, Alex; Troncone, Tom; Washburn, Lindy; Williams; Barbara
Date Written:  2005-10-02
Publisher:  Bergen Record
Year Published:  2005
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX12670

Ford repeatedly dumped in poor communities and failed to clean up its mess. Documents reveal that Ford executives knew as early as 34 years ago that its waste had contaminated a stream that feeds the Wanaque Reservoir. They show that the company tried to evade responsibility by presenting tainted land as a “gift” to the state. Organized crime played a key role in a vast assault on the environment. An analysis of public records and interviews with truckers who hauled Ford’s waste shows mob-controlled contractors dumped anywhere they could get away with it. They bribed, threatened, even murdered to maintain control of Ford’s trash.

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