"Left-Wing" Communism
An Infantile Disorder

Lenin, V. I.
Year Published:  1918
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX12633

Lenin's repsonse to ultraleftists who advocate 'no compromises' and refuse to work in 'reactionary' trade unions and parliamentary elections.


Table of Contents:

I. In What Sense Can We Speak of the International Significance of the Russian Revolution?
II. One of the Fundamental Conditions for the Bolsheviks' Success
III. the Principal Stages in the History of Bolshevism
IV. In the Struggle Against What Enemies Within the Working-Class Movement Did Bolshevism Grow Up and Become Strong and Steeled?
V. "Left-Wing" Communism in Germany: Leaders - Party - Class - Masses
VI. Should Revolutionaries Work in Reactionary Trade Unions?
VII. Should We Participate in Bourgeois Parliaments?
VIII. No compromises?
IX. "Left-Wing" Communism in Great Britain
X. Some Conclusions

1. The Split Among the German Communists
II. The communists and the Independents in Germany
III. Turati and Co. in Italy
IV. Incorrect Conclusions from Correct Premises
V. Letter from Wynkoop


Subject Headings

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