The Case for Socialism

Maass, Alan
Publisher:  Haymarket Books
Year Published:  2010   First Published:  2005
Pages:  160pp   ISBN:  9781608460731
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX12576

An argument for socialism: a society built from the bottom up through the struggles of ordinary people against exploitation, oppression, and injustice -- one in which people come before profit. A society based on the principles of equality, democracy, and freedom.


Table of Contents:


Introduction: The Case For Socialism
Why Capitalism Doesn't Work
Land of the Not-So-Free
The Scourge of War
What Is the Socialist Alternative?
How Do We Change The System?
"If There Is No Struggle, There Is No Progress"
Socialism, the Struggle, and You



What Else to Read


Subject Headings

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