Synthesis: A review of events reported in the Canadian press
Volume VI Number 4

Publisher:  Canadian News Synthesis Project, Toronto, Canada
Date Written:  30/04/1978
Year Published:  1978  
Pages:  28pp  
ISSN:  0704-6715
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Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX12228

Synthesis is the journal of the Canadian News Synthesis Project. Previously known as the Canadian News Synthesis Project (1974 - 1976), Synthesis analyzes and presents current news coverage of the most important economic, political and cultural forces in Canadian Society, using major newspapers from across the country.
April 1978 issue.

Abstract:  This issue highlights the Inter-American Development Bank meeting in Vancouver - Robert Carswell raises question of human rights violations and investment by outside sources; Alcan Pipeline financing may be in trouble as President Carter delays energy package in US congress; ALberta Premier Lougheed and gas producers press for increased exports of Alberta gas to the US; government to phase out its anti-inflation program of controls over wages and prices; Anti-Inflation Board (AIB) leaves country with consumer price index 19.6 per cent higher, number of unemployed two-thirds higher; continued inflation and unemployment form backdrop for theis year's Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) Convention in Quebec city.

Subject Headings

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