Canadian News Synthesis Project Review 1974 - 1975
Review 1974-75
Date Written:  1975-08-31
Publisher:  Canadian News Synthesis Project, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1975
Pages:  [31pp]   Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX12207

Special review supplement for 1974 - 1975. The Canadian News Synthesis Project journal presents current news coverage to show major trends in Canada and Latin America. Supplement covers major topics during 1974 - 1975.

After three years of studying Canada's major newspapers, the Canadian News Synthesis Project (CNSP) has temporarily halted its regular monthly publication schedule to take time out to look back over the work we have done and ask, "What have we learned about Canada and the world?"

We think that we have learned some important things and that we should share some of our understandings with our readership. We see our work helping ourselves to understand our society and we hope it will help others, not only to understand, but also to act to change basic social injustices.
(Introduction, CNSP 1974-75).

The material in this publication is organized in three sections, in order to provide a summary and analysis of the Canadian reality in today's world:
-- Overview analysis of major trends in the world, Canada, and Latin America.
-- Chronology of events on which the overview is based.
-- Statistical data providing further detailed information.

Subject Headings

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