What's the Matter with Kansas?
How Conservatives Won the Heart of America

Frank, Thomas
Publisher:  Henry Holt & Co., USA
Year Published:  2004
Pages:  320pp   ISBN:  080507774X
Library of Congress Number:  F686.2 .F73 2004   Dewey:  978.1/033 22
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX12149

Explores the rise of conservative populism in the United States through the lens of Frank's native state of Kansas. According to his analysis, the political discourse of recent decades has dramatically shifted from the class animus of traditional leftism to one in which "explosive" cultural issues, such as abortion and gay marriage, are used to redirect anger towards "liberal elites."



Introduction: What's the Matter with America?

Part I - Mysteries of the Great Plains
One - The Two Nations
Two - Deep in the Heart of Redness
Three - God, Meet Mammon
Four - Verns Then and Now
Five - Con Men and Mod Squad

Part II - The Fury Which Passeth All Understanding
Six - Persecuted, Powerless, and Blind
Seven - Russia Iran Disco Suck
Eight - Happy Captives
Nine - Kansas Bleeds for Your Sins
Ten - Inherit the Whirlwind
Eleven - Antipopes Among Us
Twelve - Performing Indignation

Epilogue - In the Garden of the World

Afterword - Culture War Armageddon




Subject Headings

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