Imperialism: Pioneer of Capitalism

Warren, Bill
Publisher:  Verso
Year Published:  1980
Pages:  274pp   ISBN:  0-86091-732-0
Library of Congress Number:  HC59.7   Dewey:  330.9'172'4
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX12057

Argues that the accepted theories of imperialism are profoundly flawed.


Table of Contents


Part One: The Development of the Marxist Theory of Imperialism

1. Progressive Imperialism and the Utopian Left
1. For a Marxist Re-Evaluation of the Theory of Imperialism
2. Schematic Outline of the Arguments

2. Capitalism and Historical Progress
1. Capitalism and Material Progress
2. Capitalism and Cultural Progress
3. Capitalism as the Bridge to Socialism
4. Progressive Capitalism and the Bolshevik Revolution
5. The Imperialist Mission of Capitalism
6. Progressive Capitalism and Reactionary Imperialism

3. About-Turn: Lenin's 'Imperialism'
1. Problems of Social Progress in the Developed and Underdeveloped World
2. Lenin's Basic Arguments
3. The Export of Capital
4. The Phase of Economic Regression in the Advanced Capitalist Countries
5. Backward Capitalism in the Third World

4. The Theory of Imperialism in the International Communist Movement
1. The Nation-State and the Theory of Imperialism
2. Lenin's Position Before 1917
3. The Evolution of Comintern Policy
4. The Comintern's Conclusion

5. Post-War Marxist Analysis of Imperialism
1. The Fiction of Underdevelopment
2. Explaining the non-Existent
3. Theory of Imperialism and the National Bourgeoisie

Part Two: The Rise of Third World Capitalism and the Positive Role of Imperialism

6. Colonialism: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
1. Morality and Historical Analysis
2. The General Effects of Colonialism
3. The Development of Underdevelopment
The Drain of Surplus
The International Division of Labour
Preservation of Archaic Modes of Production

7. Dependency Theory as Nationalist Mythology
1. Origins and Aims of Dependency Theory
2. Dependency as a General Approach
3. Limiting Assumptions and Some Alternative Hypotheses
4. Structural Changes: Relations Between Poor and Rich Countries

8. The Illusions of Underdevelopment: Facts of Post-War Progress
1. Rising per Capita GNP
2. Growing Inequality?
3. Marginalization
4. Output, Consumption, and Welfare: Indices Measuring Improvement in Welfare Agricultural Performance
5. Industrialization
Growth of Manufacturing Input
Share of Manufacturing in GDP
The Elitist Pattern of Manufacturing Output
6. The Spread of Capitalism



List of Tables

1. Growth of Capital Investment of United Kingdom, France, and Germany, 1825-1915
2. Germany and the United Kingdom: Foreign Investments as Percentage of Total Capital formation, 1855-64 to 1905-14
3. Annual growth Rates of Total Output and Output per Head, 1870-1960
4. Rapid Rates of Growth of National Product Per Man-Year Before 1913
5. Payments of US-Controlled Manufacturing Subsidiaries in Latin America, 1957
6. Rates of GDP Per Capita Per Decade Before and After the Second World War for Selected Countries
7. Annual Rates of Change in GDP Per Capita for Non-Communist LDCs by Region
8. Annual Percentage Growth Rates of Per Capita GDP, 1950-74, Developed and Developing Market Economies
9. Index of Per Capita GDP, 1960-75, Developed and Developing Market Economies
10. Growth in Real Terms of GDP Per Capita of Countries With More Than One Million Inhabitants, 1960-73
11. Distribution of Income per Countries Grouped by Level of GDP Per Capita
12. Labour Force Surveys for Selected Developing Countries, 1964-77
13. Latin America: Distribution of the Economically Active Population in Selected Countries by Occupational Strata, 1960 and 1973
14. Salaried and Wage Earners as a Per Cent of the Economically Active Population - Some Developing Market Economies, 1960 and 1970
15. Level of Living Index and Per Capita GNP for Twenty Countries, 1960
16. Development Index and Per Capita GNP for Fifty-Eight Countries, 1960
17. Proportion of Children in the Age Group 5-14 Receiving Primary Education in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, 1950 and 1959
18. Proportion of Children of Primary-School Age Attending School in Africa, Asia, and Latin America
19. Proportion of Children of Secondary-School Age Attending School in Africa, Asia, and Latin America
20. Health Indicators: Infant Mortality Rate and Expectation of Life at Birth for Some Underdeveloped Market Economies, 1960, 1970, and 1975
21. Indicators of Housing Conditions for Three Categories in LDCs, 1960 to 1973/6
22. The Poor, the Seriously Poor, and the Destitute, by Regions, 1963 and 1972
23. Annual Average Rates of Growth of Manufacturing 1951-69 and 1965-74 for Selected Countries
24. Selected Countries' Manufacturing as Per Cent of Gross Domestic Product at Current Factor Cost (1973) and Percentage of Active Labour Force Employed in Manufacturing (latest estimates)

Subject Headings

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