Class and Colour in South Africa 1850-1950

Simons, H.J.; Simons, R.E.
Publisher:  Penguin
Year Published:  1983   First Published:  1969
Pages:  704pp   Price:  $4.50  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX12038

A historical and sociological overview which provides a critical analysis of the Labour and National movements in South Africa and explores how and why the white working class traded its socialist principles for a share of white power. Also examines the interactions between the two wings of the resistance against white domination.


Table of Contents

1. The Liberal Cape
2. Diamond Diggers and the New Elite
3. Gold Miners and Imperialist War
4. White Labour Policies
5. Workers and the Vote
6. National Liberation
7. Thunder on the Left
8. Loyalists and Rebels
9. The New Radicals
10. Socialism and Nationalism
11. Class Struggles Resumed
12. The Communist Party Formed
13. The Rand Revolt
14. Unity on the Right
15. Fruits of Partnership
16. The Industrial and Commercial Union
17. Black Republic
18. White Terror
19. Theory and Practice
20. Fascism and War
21. United Front
22. The Battle for the Unions
23. War and the Workers
24. Resistance and Reaction
25. The Police State
26. Class Struggle and National Liberation

List of Abbreviations
Parliamentary Papers
Index of Legislative Measures
Index of Organizations and Newspapers
Index of Selected Names

Subject Headings

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