Independent Co-operative Enterprizes

Publisher:  Research and Planning Council, Winnipeg Presbytery, United Church of Canada, Winnipeg, Canada
Year Published:  1975
Pages:  3pp   Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX12

Report on an economic strategy to help marginalised men and women.

Independent Co-operative Enterprizes (Casual Labour Div.) Research and Planning Council of Winnipeg Presbytery, United Church of Canada, Broadway and Furby, Winnipeg, Man.
September 5, 1975. 3p.

Un-skilled or semi-skilled men and women are marginal to our present economic system. A complex set of factors lead often to their becoming less and less a part of the system, and they become chronically unemployed. They are very vulnerable to exploitation through abuse of minimum wage laws, housing conditions, and social security benefits. Our analysis is that this is primarily an economic condition, made worse by other factors, but at root it is economic. The strategy developed in Winnipeg was an economic one for the most part and this report describes how it has turned out.

Subject Headings

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