Presenting Insurgent Notes
Date Written:  2010-06-15
Publisher:  Insurgent Notes
Year Published:  2010
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX11943

We take our Marx and Engels seriously. Recent history, beginning perhaps (in the US) with the UPS strike of 1997 and the 'battle of Seattle' in 1999, now quickened by the abject financial and ideological meltdown (Fall 2008) of the three decades of the stifling 'neo-liberal' era, has favored a certain revival of the radical critique of capitalism, by which we understand first and foremost the work of Karl Marx.
"Theory must seek its practice," Marx wrote long ago, but "practice must also seek its theory", and such theoretical ferment expresses the rising tide, in fits and starts reaching back to the 1990's, of an accelerating global reaction to the ravages of the 'neo-liberal', 'Washington consensus' phase of capitalism, after the rollback of what we might consider he last (l968-1977) offensive of the world working class.

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