What Should Be Done in Palestine
Israel Shamir's Talk at the Ankara Conference

Shamir, Israel
Publisher:  Israelshamir.net
Year Published:  2009
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX11781

Indeed, the whole story of Palestine is a story of immigrants taking over a country. Such things happen: immigrants from Britain took over North America and Australia. This is a sad thing, but it happened. Now it is not realistic to hope that they will sail back to England - they won't. It is wrong to try and create an 'independent state' for the native Americans - such independent states are called 'reservations'. The right answer is equality for native and immigrant alike. Some Jews would complain that they want a state of their own. We shall answer them: you have built on sand, and a house built on sand can't stand forever. If you want a state of your own without anybody else, find yourself a lonely uninhabited island. Palestine was, and is, populated; the best you can wish is to be equal citizens in Palestine with everybody else.

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