Blau-Kamm case exposes the dark underbelly of Israel's security state

Cook, Jonathan
Date Written:  2010-04-09
Publisher:  Mondoweiss
Year Published:  2010
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX11773

In a properly democratic country, Kamm would have an honorable defence against the charges, of being a whistle-blower rather than a spy, and Blau would be winning journalism prizes not huddling away in exile. But this is Israel. Here, despite a desperate last-stand for the principles of free speech and the rule of law in the pages of the Haaretz newspaper today, which is itself in the firing line over its role, there is almost no public sympathy for Kamm or even Blau. The pair are already being described, both by officials and in chat forums and talkback columns, as traitors who should be jailed, disappeared or executed for the crime of endangering the state.

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