Social Determinants of Health

Marmot, Michael; Wilkinson, Richard (eds.)
Publisher:  Oxford University Press
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX11748

A wide ranging collection providing health records from around the world

Abstract:  It is a known fact that social inequality has a great impact on health. In volume 2 of Social Determinants of Health, editors Marmot and Wilkerson provide new information of the effects of poverty and stress on the population. It is a wide ranging collection providing health records from around the world. The range of the international examples point to a need to tackle this problem globally. Unfortunately this has not been successful so far. The editors point out that one of the main obstacles is the perception that place in the social hierarchy is related to income. This in turn produces negative emotions such as shame and distrust that are translated inside the body via phyho-neuro-endocrine mechanisms. They also argue that the development the agri-food monopolies damage health. Marmot argues that policies need to be adapted to tackle the structural sources of inequality. While not providing all the answers the book is useful for those who wish to learn more and take the policies forward to make a real difference to the lives of the people whose deprivations are analysed.

Subject Headings

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