Kampuchea, Decade of the Genocide
Report of a Finnish Inquiry Commission

Kiljenen, Kimmo
Publisher:  Zed Books
Year Published:  1990
Pages:  126pp   Price:  $33.00(hc), $12.95(pb)   ISBN:  0-86232-208-1(hc)
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX11729

Commissioned by the Finnish Inquiry Commission this a straight forward account of the history of Kampuchea from the saturation bombing by the United States during the Vietnam war in the 1970's to the continued border warfare with remnants of the Kmer Rouge. The authors address the issue of human rights violations during the regime of Pol Pot and the legitimacy of the Vietnamese role in overthrowing that regime. Other main concerns of the authors are the questions of refugees, external opposition movements, intervention by the superpowers and the attempt to rebuild the agricultural and industrial infrastructure devastated during the Pol Pot era.

Subject Headings

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