Doom and Gloom

Brecher, Jeremy

Publisher:  ZSpace
Date Written:  21/12/2009
Year Published:  2009  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX11626

Jermey Brecher says that the social roots of doom are part of a common pattern that we can observe repeatedly in history. People live their lives and pursue their goals by means of strategies that have been developed over time. But sometimes they discover their established strategies aren't working. No matter how hard they try, their problems remain intractable. The natural result is despair. But the awareness that other people are experiencing the same despair changes the context in which it is experienced. It opens up new possibilities. Perhaps the problems that we despair of solving as individuals can be addressed through some kind of collective action. When people begin to explore that possibility, the result may be a social movement.

Subject Headings

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