Socialism in One Country 1924-1926
Volume 2

Carr, Edward Hallett
Publisher:  Penguin Books
Year Published:  1970   First Published:  1959
Pages:  526pp  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX11608

Carr details the struggle for power within the Bolshevik party.


Table of Contents

The Struggle in the Party

11.Lessons of October
12.Socialism in One Country
13.The Rift in the Triumvirate
14.The Debate about Literature
15.The Komsomol
16.Manoeuvring for Position
17.The Fourteenth congress
18.New Alignments
19.The Monolithic Party
(a) Numbers and Composition
(b) Party Education
(c) The Party Machine
(d) The Power of Appointment
(e) Unity and Discipline
(f) The Leader

Part Four
The Soviet Order
20.The Union and The Republics
(a) The Organs of he Union
(b) The R S F S R
(c) The Ukrainian and White Russian S S Rs
(d) The Transcaucasian S F S R
(e) The Central Asian Republics

22.Revitalizing The Soviets
(a) The Soviets in Decline
(b) Face to the Countryside
(c) The Kulak and the Party
(d) The City Soviets
(e) The Balance-Sheet

23.The Red Army
24.Order and Security

Note A. Local Finance
Note B. Peasant Committees of Mutual Aid
Note C. Revolutionary Legality

Subject Headings

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