The Age of Outrage
Values-based Action and the positive power of public protest

Sopow, Eli
Publisher:  Mediascope International Inc.
Year Published:  1997
Pages:  270pp   ISBN:  0-9695834-2-7
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX11582

Based on direct experience and extensive research including law enforcement reports, public opinion surveys, and ongoing scanning and anaylysis of news and Internet sources, this book reveals the six key values-symbols that trigger public fear and create political and corporate change.

Eli Sopow's The Age of Outrage: Values-Based Action and the Positive Power of Public Action discusses the methods individuals and groups can harness to fight against governments, corporations and institutions slow to respond to calls for social, political or environmental change. Sopow's work focuses on the power of the baby boom generation, believing they represent the best educated population in history with the most extensive communication tools. Growing up in the post-war decades, Sopow explains how the baby boom generation fought for civil rights, protested against war and demanded their politicians live up to the expectations of the people. Writing in the 1990s, he believes that with "The convergence of the dominant baby boom population with instant global communications and disillusionment with established institutions", a movement has been created, deemed "the be-generation." "The rallying call of the be-generation" explains Sopow, "is to be active, be involved, be inquiring, and be demanding in creating positive change with respect to social, economic, political, and environment issues." The Age of Outrage provides readers with a guide to be involved in the big decisions by organizing value based pressure groups to voice opinions and objections. With proper planning, Sopow reveals how well-organized citizens' groups, "using their powerful tools of outrage to demand far-reaching structural change" have impacted the ways corporations and governments make decisions. Business practices and ethics must be conducive with public opinion. With determination and persistence, The Age of Outrage calls for readers to "be informed, be outraged, and be engaged in demanding change."

[Abstract by William Stevenson]

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