Who Controls The Black Bloc Anarchists?

Watson, Paul Joseph
Date Written:  2009-04-02
Year Published:  2009
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX11574

Whose interests do the violent actions of the black bloc benefit? The interests of the general public in using free speech as a means of political change? Or the interests of the authorities in providing the perfect pretext with which to crush and outlaw that free speech? You can't overthrow the entire system by smashing one bank and starting a bonfire. Real political change takes generations of struggle, decades of building respected educational platforms, and a gargantuan grass-roots movement focused on taking power on the local level and expanding upwards. Throwing a brick through a window isn't going to achieve anything other than making the vast majority of the general public despise you even more, and support the very systems of power that you are supposedly opposing. The black bloc sect exist to provide the media with violent footage with which to demonize legitimate protesters.

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