Rampaging Climate Deniers' Losing Battle

Salzman, Lorna

Publisher:  Countercurrents
Date Written:  08/12/2009
Year Published:  2009  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX11545

Because of the flimsy comprehension of science and evolution of most writers in the mass media, those who venture to write about evolution feel constrained to present "alternative" views. But "alternative" views are not necessarily credible or true. The cliimate change deniers' arguments are no less articles of faith than those of the creationists. In the case of the former, the faith is not in a god but in the free market and capitalism. Almost without exception, those who are in staunch denial are those connected to, involved in or supportive of the traditional capitalist model of economic growth, and by implication opposed to anything that might constrain this model.

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