Reflections on the Revolution in France: 1968

Posner, Charles (Editor)
Publisher:  Penguin Books
Year Published:  1970
Pages:  318pp   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX11518

In May 1968 France was on the threshold of something entirely new. In this 'pre-revolutionary situation' nothing went unquestioned. The writers, trade unionists and students who contribute to this volume all believe our future is foreshadowed in the events of May. And they explain why, after this shock to a regime of seemingly impregnable strength, things can never be the same again.


Table of Contents

The Events
1. Introduction
2. Chronology

The Actors
3. The Student Commune
4. The May Movement at the Lycee Pasteur
5. The CFDT and the May / June Crisis
6. CGT 1968: Subjectivism to the Rescue of the Status Quo
7. Inside the Prefecture
8. Forbidden Freedoms

The Strategy
9. Action
10. The Action Committees

Western Culture and Revolution
11. Psychoanalysis and the May Revolution
12. Sociology and Politics in 1968
13. Create!
14. Discourse on Birth Control

What are the Lessons of the May Events?
15. Andre Gorz

France After May
16. The Monetary Putsch
17. Postscript 1969

Notes on the Contributors

Subject Headings

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