A Discussion Concerning Nonviolence

Publisher:  New Democracy
Year Published:  1999
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX11113

The principle of nonviolence has terrible effects on people: it disarms them morally and politically by encouraging them to become "passive resisters," beseeching some more humane elite forces to come to their aid. It undermines the view of people which I consider to be the most needful both morally and politically to create a democratic movement - that is, for people to see and rely on themselves collectively as the conscious agents of change and the creators of a new society. However much we and other people desire a peaceful transformation of society, at some point there will come a contest of power. To win this contest, we will have to win a substantial part of the military forces to our side, or at least get them to be neutral. To succeed in this we need to build a movement that is so broad and deep that the great majority of people become mobilized as an unstoppable force.

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