One State is Not Snake Oil: A Reply to Michael Neumann

Spritzler, John

Publisher:  New Democracy
Date Written:  16/05/2007
Year Published:  2007  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX11091

The income of the 18 wealthiest families in Israel is equivalent to 77 percent of Israel's national budget, which is NIS 256 billion a year. This means that in less than 4.4 years the 18 wealthiest families in Israel could pay the entire debt owed by Israeli Jews living in homes and land stolen from Palestinians. It means that in 4.5 years a fund set up by these 18 wealthiest families could offer every Jewish Israeli who lives on stolen land a million U.S. dollars which they would use either to buy their home from the rightful Palestinian owner or buy another home (probably it would have to be newly constructed) so they could return the stolen one but not end up homeless.

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