England's 17th Century Revolution
A Review of Francois Guizot's 1850 pamphlet Pourquoi la revolution d'Angleterre a-t-elle reussi?

Marx, Karl; Engels, Friedrich
Publisher:  Politisch-├ľkonomische Revue
Year Published:  1850
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX10996

For Guizot, English history ends with the consolidation of the constitutional monarchy. For him, everything that follows is limited to a pleasant alternating game between Tories and Whigs. In reality, however, the consolidation of the constitutional monarchy is only the beginning of the magnificent development and transformation of bourgeois society in England. Where M. Guizot sees only gentle calm and idyllic peace, in reality the most violent conflicts and the most penetrating revolutions are taking place.

Subject Headings

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