Wages for Housework Campaign Bulletin
Periodical profile published 1979

Publisher:  Toronto Wages for Housework Committee, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1979
Pages:  4pp   Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX1090

This special issue of the Wages For Housework Campaign Bulletin prepared jointly with the Employment Services For Immigrant Women, was written not only by immigrant domestics themselves but also by grass-roots organizers, full-time housewives, researchers, and students. These people see in the fight of the immigrant domestics their own fight for more money and more freedom of choice. The Bulletin points out that recent changes in Canada's immigration policy have had the effect of increasing the exploitation of immigrant women. Under the present system of "temporary work permits" women are imported from the Third World for up to three years to work solely as live-in domestics. They cannot change to higher paying jobs. They cannot apply for permanent residence. They cannot bring their children to Canada.

This issue of the Bulletin includes interviews with immigrant domestics who relate their work experiences in Canada. The Bulletin concludes with a comparison of the average wage received by a domestic worker in Ontario as suggested by the Canada Employment and Immigration Center (CEIC) and the wage she is entitled to receive under the Employment Standards Act (ESA). The difference is $214 per month, a difference practically equal to the $270 per month suggested by CEIC. Thus CEIC encourages employers to pay a wage that is almost half of the standards set by ESA.

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