Canada/Quebec - Where the Roadmap Ends

Year Published:  1980  
Inactive Serial

Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX1064

Abstract:  This latest issue was written as a resource for information, dialogue and debate around the Quebec issue.
It deals with Quebec's developing self-consciousness, the Parti-Quebecois and the options available to both Canada and Quebec.

Two questions facing the developing nation of Quebec are: 1) what legal and institutional form best represents Quebec's spirit and needs? 2) what direction will the nation and its government take and what interests will direct it? These questions are acute in view of the approaching referendum and are relevant to the growing debate about constitutional arrangements. The authors describe and reflect upon six potential consitutional arrangements which vary between independence and the present federal arrangment. A "yes" vote in the referendum will force both Quebec and Canada to decide whether sovereignty-assocation is actually negotiable. If the voite is "no", what strategies would the P.Q. be forced to adopt?

This document makes it clear that the P.Q. election victory was attributable to more than just the sovereignty-association issue. In 1969, 80% of the province's industry was controlled by non-Quebecois concerns. Two effects of this situation were the dominant use of English in business and the generally lower socio-economic level of the Quebecois. Many elements of the working and middle classes felt the P.O. option gave them an opportunity to "get Clout" (with respect to their interests_and "make Canada hear".
Although the unions have given 'tactialc' support to the P.Q. they feel the government has shown a non-response to the worker. They are ambivalent about sovereignty-association, fearing it may concentrate U.S. control. Some elements feel the struggle of the working class to achieve an independent socialist Quebec is the real issues.

The issue sheet concludes by asking both English and French Quebeckers to respond to the situation in a spirit of openness and justice.
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