Crosscurrents - Saskatoon's Community Exchange.

Year Published:  1980  
Inactive Serial

Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX1062

Abstract:  This is the first issue of Crosscurrents in tabloid form: it marks the beginning of an attempt to develp a self-supporting community newspaper in Saskatoon.

One article, "Lowering the Boom", presents an analysis of the present Saskatoon "boom" as well as a discussion of the effects of a possible "bust". The source of the "boom" is the uranium industry which, like the high-volume industries and urban development industries, are owned by out-of-province interests. In response to the proliferation of high-rises, a team of accountants stated that "it costs a city more servicing a hi-rise than it receives back in taxes." "Once a boom structure is set up it has to be fed": the oncoming "bust" can only mean community breakdown, more police, in inflation and unemployment.

Other articles in this issue deal with the nuclear issue, labour as it is portrayed in the media and the Gay Community Centre of Saskatoon.

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