The Permanent Revolution & Results and Prospects

Trotsky, Leon

Publisher:  Pathfinder
Year Published:  1969   First Published:  1931
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX10528

A re-issue of two of Trotsky's works, Results and Prospcts, and The Permanent Revolution.


Table of Contents


Translator's Note


Preface to the re-issue of this work published in Moscow in 1919
Results and Prospects
1. The Peculiarities of Russian Historical Development
2. The Towns and Capital
3. 1789 - 1848 - 1905
4. Revolution and the Proletariat
5. The Proletariat in Power and the Peasantry
6. The Proletarian Regime
7. The Prerequisites of Socialalism
8. A Worker's Government in Russia and Socialism
9. Europe and Revolution
10. The Struggle for Power


Introduction to the first ( Russian ) edition
Introduction to the German edition
1. The Enforced Nature of this Work and its Aim
2. The Permanent Revolution is Not a 'Leap' by the Proletariat, but the Reconstruction of the Nation under leadership of the Proletariat
3. Three Elements of the 'Democratic Dictatorship': Classes, Tasks and Political Mechanics
4. What did the Theory of the Permanent Revolution Look Like in Practice?
5. Was the 'Democratic Dictatorship' Realized in Our Country? If so, When?
6. On the Skipping of the Historical Stages
7. What does the Slogan of the Democtratic Dictatorship Mean Today For the East?
8. From Marxism to Pacifism
9. Epilogue
10. What is the Permanent Revolution? Basic Postulates

Subject Headings

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