My Life

Trotsky, Leon

Publisher:  Pathfinder Press, USA
Year Published:  1970   First Published:  1930
Pages:  602pp  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX10527

Trotsky's autobiography, published in 1930.


Table of Contents

Introduction (by Joseph Hansen)

Chapter One - Yanovka
Chapter Two - Our neighbors and my first school
Chapter Three - Odessa: my family and my school
Chapter Four - Books and early conflicts
Chapter Five - Country and town
Chapter Six - The break
Chapter Seven - The first revolutionary organization
Chapter Eight - My first prisons
Chapter Nine - My first exile
Chapter Ten - My first escape
Chapter Eleven - An emegre for the first time
Chapter Twelve - The Party Congress and the split
Chapter Thirteen - The return to Russia
Chapter Fourteen - The year 1905
Chapter Fifteen - Trial, exile, escape
Chapter Sixteen - The second foreign exile: German socialism
Chapter Seventeen - Preparing for a new revolution
Chapter Eighteen - the beginning of the war
Chapter Nineteen - Paris, and Zimmerwald
Chapter Twelve - My expulsion from France
Chapter Twenty One - Through Spain
Chapter Twenty Two - New York
Chapter Twenty Three - In a concentration camp
Chapter Twenty Four - In Petrograd
Chapter Twenty Five - Concerning slanderers
Chapter Twenty Six - From July to October
Chapter Twenty Seven - The deciding night
Chapter Twenty Eight - "Trotskyism" in 1917
Chapter Twenty Nine - In power
Chapter Thirty - In Moscow
Chapter Thirty One - Negotiations at Brest-Litovsk
Chapter Thirty Two - Peace
Chapter Thirty Three - A month of Sviyazhsk
Chapter Thirty Four - The train
Chapter Thirty Five - The defense of Petrograd
Chapter Thirty Six - The military opposition
Chapter Thirty Seven - Disagreements over war strategy
Chapter Thirty Eight - The transition to the New economic policy, and my relations with Lenin
Chapter Thirty Nine - Lenin's illness
Chapter Forty - The conspiracy of the Epigones
Chapter Forty One - Lenin's death and the shift of power
Chapter Forty Two - The last period of struggle within the Party
Chapter Forty Three - The exile
Chapter Forty Four - The deportation
Chapter Forty Five - The planet without a visa


Subject Headings

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