Canadian Alliance of Home Schoolers

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A home schooling support group in Southern Ontario.

Abstract:  The Canadian Alliance of Home Schoolers has recently been formed in a small town in Southern Ontario. The purpose of this group is threefold: 1. to raise public awareness of the fact that many Canadians are removing their children from the public school system and are teaching them at home; 2. to initiate a dialogue aimed at promoting revisions in provicial education acts to provide more families with access to the homeschooling alternative; and 3. to provide moral support for parents who choose to teach their children at home and access to information about home schooling.

Wendy Priesnitz, the national chairperson of the Alliance, is a mother, an ex-teacher and is presently editor of Nature Life magazine. She claims that an increasing number of parents are finding that the public school system surpresses a child's curiosity and natural desire to learn and ignores his developmental needs.
Ms. Priesnitz, who along with her husband teaches her own two children at home, feels that schools (i.e., "institutionalized education") divorce children from the richness and variety of the world; life is presented to the child in a structured segmented form which lacks authenticity, meaning and dynamism.

Ms. Priesnitz feels that "parents have a rapport with their children that no one else has, making them most suitable to teach their own children"; she also feels that most homes and communities are well equipped to provide a good basic education.

Families who are regaining some control over their own lives through the home schooling alternative report satisfying and exciting rewards in terms of development of both the children and the family.

This organization is no longer active.
This abstract was published in the Connexions Digest in 1979.

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