Public Gives Direction for Clark's Nuclear Inquiry

Edwards, Gordon Dr.
Publisher:  Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility, Montreal, Canada
Year Published:  1979
Pages:  9   Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX1009

Suggestions given to the federal governemnt as to how a public inquiry into nuclear energy should be conducted.

In June, a one-day workshop was held at Innis College, Toronto, in order to prepare a detailed and complete set of guidelines for Prime Minister Clark's inquiry into nuclear energy. These guidelines have been written into a brief from public interest groups encouraging the government to make the inquiry as helpful as possible to the public. The brief underlines the importance of freedom of information in an issue as important as this and asks that the public participation be given real encouragement through positive forms of funding and assist them in preparing and presenting their views.

Points made in the brief include recommendation that the inquiry be conducted by independent agents and that there should be a halt to all sales of reactors and uranium during the life of the inquiry. Among the areas to be investigated would be the viability of Canadian nuclear industry, exports and safeguards, safety standards, energy decision-making and alternative sources of energy. Public participation, perhaps based on extensive Swedish experience, should be looked at. The two organizations also proposed a three-phase strategy for conducting the inquiry. Phase one would include an investigation of present energy use and a scenario for 2025. In phase two, an investigation would be made of prospective energy supply technologies and their suitability for meeting energy use needs. In phase three the inquiry would examine the impact of various sources on the economy, weapons proliferation, ethics, civil liberties, and self-reliance.
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