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Bringing the Battlefield to the Border: The Wild World of Border Security and Boundary Building in Arizona
Miller, Todd
The U.S.-Mexican border has not only become Ground Zero for every experiment in immigration enforcement and drug interdiction, but also the incubator, testing site, showcase, and staging ground for ev...
Models of Coming U.S. Interventions: Iraq or Haiti?: Against The Current vol. 134
Terrall, Ben
Ben Terrall interviews Mike Davis.
Time to Unfence our view of Migration
Andersson, Ruben
Instead of pretending that fence-building will solve anything, it is high time that we 'unfence' our views of migration. On the one hand, this means seeking other, more humane responses to human movem...
What's the Border Fence Good for? Subsidizing Mexican Scrap Metal Entrepreneurs
Levine, Yasha
It was obvious from the very beginning that Bush's push for a border fence was nothing more than a political show to boost Republicans' creds with their base.

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American journalist interrogated at Canadian border
Sources News Release
The Committee to Protect Journalists is concerned by the detention and interrogation of a U.S. journalist crossing the border into Canada. Host Amy Goodman of the syndicated community-oriented radio a...
Defending Privacy at the U.S. Border: A Guide for Travelers Carrying Digital Devices
Our lives are on our laptops – family photos, medical documents, banking information, details about what websites we visit, and so much more. Thanks to protections enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, ...
Interim Report on the Automated Targeting System: Documents Released through EFF's FOIA Efforts
Dines, Shana
Automated Targeting System (ATS) is the program the DHS and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have been using to monitor international travelers and assign risk assessment scores to determine potent...
Secretive contract reveals Ontario and Border Services jointly responsible for detention injustice
Sources News Release
The End Immigration Detention Network is releasing a secretive contract between the Ontario and Federal government which shows joint responsibility for immigration detention violations. Ontario has de...