Black Youth

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The Black Infinity Complex
Bell, Shamell
We're a group of UCLA grad students, and our vision of the Black Infinity Complex is inspired by the boundlessness and sustainability of Black creativity and imagination. It's a collective of organize...
From Ferguson to Baltimore
Hansford, Justin
Combined with racial profiling, combined with the practice of predatory profiling and predatory policing, police departments are using parking and traffic tickets as a revenue base to increase their b...
The Making of Jericho Road: Against The Current vol. 132
Williams, Charles
An interview with Michael Honey. The paperback edition of Michael Honey’s Going Down Jericho Road: The Memphis Strike, Martin Luther King’s Last Campaign is released this January 2008.
Moral Appeals Aren't Enough
Kelley, Robin D. G.
The wonderful thing about Black Lives Matter is that they're saying you cannot use moral suasion to win this. You've got to disrupt, and make sure that things don't work in order to make the demand fo...
Our Movement Is Global: an interview with Alice Ragland
Ragland, Alice
Against the Current interviewed Alice Ragland, who has been central to organizing Black youth in Cleveland against the police murder of Tamir Rice, the 12-year old shot to death two seconds after the ...
Race and Class: Brown v. Board of Education 50 Years Later: Against The Current vol. 111
Miah, Malik
I found the headline of the May 17 Business Week article on the 50th anniversary of the famous Brown v. Board of Education landmark Supreme Court ruling, that "separate but equal" schools were unconst...
Reflections After Ferguson
Hansman, Bob
I am a white man with a Black son. I did not have or get him young and fill his head with illusions of diversity and colorblindness, the way some white parents do. I met him when he was a young teen, ...
Sale, Kirkpatrick
The rise and development of the Students for a Democratic Society, the organization that became the major expression of the American left in the 1960s -- its passage from student protest to institutio...