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Barcelona's Experiment in Radical Democracy
Gessen, Masha
Issues that Barcelona en Comu is tackling come up against limitations set by Catalan and Spanish law. The city lacks authority to regulate housing, although the city has created new affordable housing...
Gentrification and Class Struggles in Barcelona, Spain: Interview with Etcétera Collective
Kurti, Zhandarka; Varo, Manuel
In an interview with the Barcelona-based collective Etcetera, the processes of urban development in one of the fastest gentrifying cities in Spain and their implications for potential movements and st...
Homage to Catalonia
Orwell, George
George Orwell's account of his experiences in the Spanish Civil War.
Reflections for the US Occupy Movement: From Barcelona's Neighborhood Assemblies
Gelderloos, Peter
The deeper a struggle’s historical roots, the greater its collective knowledge.
What's it like for a social movement to take control of a city?
The Symbiosis Research Collective
Ada Colau surprised many when she won the election to become mayor of Barcelona. The housing rights activist was part of a deep social movement aiming for participatory democracy. But this latest arti...