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Intellectual Charlatans & Academic Witch-Hunters
Malik, Kenan
Butler’s work has always divided critics. While some view her as a courageous and innovative thinker, others view her as an intellectual charlatan.
Right Livelihood Award: Connexipedia Article
An award presented annually to honour those "working on practical and exemplary solutions to the most urgent challenges facing the world today".
Right Livelihood Award Recipients List: Connexipedia Article
List of Right Livelihood Award Laureates.

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CIA awards Saudi prince medal for anti-terror efforts
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, Saudi Arabia's deputy premier and interior minister, has been presented with a CIA award for his work fighting terrorism.
National Magazine Awards
A bilingual, not-for-profit institution whose mission is to recognize excellence in the content and creation of Canadian magazines through an annual program of awards.
17 Year Old Canadian Documentary Filmmaker Awarded Kim Phuc Youth Award for Peace
Sources News Release
Kasha Sequoia Slavner, 17 year old filmmaker, writer & advocate for peace was selected as the recipient of the first ever KIM PHUC YOUTH AWARD FOR PEACE by The Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, for h...
30th Right Livelihood Awards: Wake-up calls to secure our common future
Sources News Release
The 2009 Right Livelihood Awards go to four recipients: David Suzuki, RenA# Ngongo, Alyn Ware, and Catherine Hamlin.
WAZ-IFJ Prize for Courage in Journalism Awarded to Bulgarian Journalist
Sources News Release
Lidiya Pavlova to receive the prize for her courageous report on violence and corruption. Award is presented for the first time.
World Press Freedom Day: Commission launches 2009 Lorenzo Natali Prize for committed journalists
Sources News Release
On World Press Freedom Day the Commission is officially launching the Lorenzo Natali Prize for 2009. The prize is awarded to journalists who have demonstrated a commitment to human rights, democracy a...
The Writers' Trust of Canada/McClelland & Stewart Journey Prize
Awarded annually to a new and developing writer of distinction for a short story published in a Canadian literary publication.
The Writers' Trust of Canada Timothy Findley Award Winners
An annual award for a male writer in mid-career in the name of the late Timothy Findley. Before his death in June 2002, Mr. Findley wrote, "It is truly wonderful to know that the Marian Engel Award wi...
The Writers' Trust of Canada's Matt Cohen Prize - In Celebration of a Writing Life Winners
Established in 2001 by the Writers' Trust of Canada and a group of anonymous donors, the Matt Cohen Award recognizes a lifetime of distinguished work by a Canadian writer, working in either poetry or ...
The Writers' Trust of Canada's Shaughnessy Cohen Award for Political Writing Winners
This award is presented for a non-fiction book of outstanding literary merit that enlarges our understanding of contemporary Canadian political and social issues.
Young Adult Canadian Book Award
Winners from 1981 on.

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Fame & Fortune Online
Comprehensive listing of awards available to Canadian journalists.
Sources Calendar
Listings of events of interest to journalists, editors, researchers, publishers and others working in the media and in publishing, covering Canadian and international events, press conferences, meetin...