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Anarchy is struggle for life, freedom and dignity
A communique by the Circle of Fire anarchist collective and the Anarchist Bulletin BLACK FLAG on the events of May 5th, 2010 in Athens, when three bank workers were murdered by 'anarchist' arsonists. ...
Burning History in San Salvador: Destruction of Historical and Human Rights Archives
Maslin, Sarah
On Thursday, Nov. 14, three armed men broke into the offices of Pro-Búsqueda. The attack on Pro-Búsqueda was not a random crime. We should be worried about what is happening in El Salvador.
Crimes of the Secret Police: Bombers, Burglars, Bullies, Barn-Burners And Dynamite Thieves
Dion, Robert
An account of crimes committed by the RCMP security service in the name of national security.
The Fire This Time: Burning Bridges
D'Arcy, Steve; Canyon, Syrah
Some activists hold back from condemning tactics that are politically stupid and destructive, like the recent Ottawa arson attack by an anarchist group, because of a commitment to the doctrine of a 'd...
Legal Lessons From the Green Scare: When the Constitution is No Obstacle to the FBI
Rosenfeld, Ben; Regan, Lauren
Green Scare prosecutors and their coordinators in Washington are willing to destroy individual lives to score political points, and to trample their own rules in the process.
The Price of Torching Mosques: Burning Rage
Cook, Jonathan
By reminding Palestinians on either side of the Green Line of their common fate, Israel may yet unleash a force too powerful to control. The price tag – this time demanded by Palestinians – will be hi...

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Armed gunmen raid salvadoran human rights organization, burn archives
Sources News Release
Armed gunmen raid Salvadoran human rights organization Pro-Busqueda just months after abrupt closure of Archdiocese's human rights office, Tutela Legal. Human rights defenders see actions as effort to...
Gunmen torch vital records of rights group in El Salvador
Wilkinson, Tracy
Gunmen in El Salvador early Thursday burst into the offices of a human rights agency that focuses on children missing from the country’s civil war, torching documents and taking away computers.