Anti-Nazi Resistance

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Dutch resistance: Connexipedia Article
Dutch resistance to the Nazi occupation during World War II.
Edelman, Marek: Connexipedia Article
Jewish-Polish political and social activist and cardiologist. (1919-2009).
Falsifying History and Ourselves: Anti-Democratic Propaganda in the Classroom
Spritzler, John
Contrary to the views promoted by FHAO, the true facts about Germany during the Holocaust show that 1) working class Germans fought the Nazis; 2) anti-Semitism did not come from ordinary people; and 3...
German resistance: Connexipedia Article
The opposition by individuals and groups in Nazi Germany to the regime of Adolf Hitler between 1933 and 1945.
The Ghetto Fights: The Warsaw Ghetto: The 45th Anniversary of the Uprising
Edelman, Marek
On May 10th, 1943, the first period of our bloody history, the history of the Warsaw Jews, came to an end. The site where the buildings of the ghetto had once stood became a ragged heap of rubble reac...
Glezos, Manolis: Connexipedia Article
Greek left wing politician and writer, known especially for his participation in the World War II resistance. (Born 1922).
Greek Resistance: Connexipedia Article
The term for a number of armed and unarmed groups from across the political spectrum that resisted the Axis Occupation of Greece in the period 1941-1944 during the Second World War.
Harand, Irene: Connexipedia Article
An early organiser of protests against Nazi Germany's persecutions of Jews 1900-1975.
The History of the German Resistance 1933-1945: Widerstand, Staatsstreich, Attentat
Hoffman, Peter
A thorough portrayal of the plans, hesitations, frustrations, and failures of the opposition to Hitler.
Jewish Combat Organization: Connexipedia Article
A World War II resistance movement which was instrumental in engineering the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.
Jewish resistance under Nazi rule: Connexipedia Article
The resistance of the Jewish people against Nazi Germany leading up to and through World War II, including against the Holocaust.
Marek Edelman: A True Mensch
Rosenberg, David
To be a Jew means always being with the oppressed and never the oppressors.
Norwegian resistance movement: Connexipedia Article
Resistance to the occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany.
Other Voices: The Connexions Newsletter - October 9, 2017: Meeting the Challenge of the Right
Diemer, Ulli (ed.)
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Challenging the Right requires not only anti-fascist actions in the street, but organizing to reach those who may be attracted the the appeal of the Right and offering an alternative social vision. Th...
Pilecki, Witold: Connexipedia Article
A member of the Polish resistance and the only known person to volunteer to be imprisoned at Auschwitz concentration camp. (1901-1948).
Polish Righteous among the Nations: Connexipedia Article
Polish citizens have the world's highest count of individuals awarded medals of Righteous among the Nations, given by the State of Israel to non-Jews who saved Jews from extermination during the Holoc...
Rescue of the Danish Jews: Connexipedia Article
When Hitler ordered that Danish Jews be arrested and deported on 1-2 October 1943, many Danes took part in a collective effort to evacuate the roughly 8,000 Jews of Denmark by sea to nearby neutral Sw...
Resistance in Europe: 1939 - 45
Hawes, Stephen; White, Ralph; (eds)
Essays on the resistance against Hitler during World War II.
Righteous among the Nations: Connexipedia Article
An honorific used to describe non-Jews who risked their lives during the Holocaust to save Jews from extermination by the Nazis.
Santas, Apostolos: Connexipedia Article
Greek veteran of the Resistance against the Axis Occupation of Greece during World War II. (Born 1922).
Scholl, Hans: Connexipedia Article
A member of the White Rose resistance movement in Nazi Germany. (1918-1943).
Scholl, Sophie: Connexipedia Article
A member of the White Rose non-violent resistance group in Nazi Germany. (1921-1943).
A Surplus of Memory: Chronicle of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
Zuckerman, Yitzhak ("Antek")
The story of the Jewish resistances uprising against the German Army's attack on the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943-44. As much as any other individual, the organizing force and embodiment of the spirit of de...
Twentieth convoy: Connexipedia Article
Transport 20 (XXth convoy) was a Jewish prisoner transport in Belgium organized by the Nazi Germany during World War II. Members of the Belgian Resistance freed Jewish and Gypsy civilians who were bei...
Wallenberg, Raoul: Connexipedia Article
A Swedish humanitarian who worked in Budapest, Hungary, during World War II to rescue Jews from the Holocaust. (1912-1947?)
White Rose Begins Leaflet Campaigns June 1942
Sun, Rivera
In June 1942, a pair of German university students formed The White Rose, a German resistance movement that used a series of leaflets to decry Nazi militarism and call for an end to the war. Hans Scho...
Yugoslav Partisans: Connexipedia Article
A Communist-led World War II resistance movement engaged in the fight against Axis forces and their collaborators in Yugoslavia from 1941-1945.
Zwiazek Organizacji Wojskowej: Connexipedia Article
An underground resistance organization formed by Witold Pilecki at Auschwitz concentration camp in 1940.